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    After C.O.L.O.R.S (2019), Andries Boone proudly announces his second solo album, called “T.I.M.E.L.A.P.S.E”.


    T.I.M.E.L.A.P.S.E was composed and recorded during the second Covid-lockdown in 2020. Each track corresponds to a specific moment in time, is linked with an emotion and reflects a filmic mood and state of mind.


    Accordina, mandolin and piano form the basis of the sound. Electric bass and French horn flavour all tracks. A crossover sound between minimal piano music and jazzy film music, but always inspired by baroque music and traditional folk music, more specifically Caucasian ethnic music. The accordina plays an important role on this imaginary soundtrack. The accordina is a wind instrument of the 1930s. It sounds a bit similar like the chromatic harmonica and the instrument is mouth-blown aswell, but the instrument is played by buttons like a button accordion. The instrument is almost extinct.


    Andries Boone: accordina, mandolin and piano
    Mathias Moors: electric bass
    Rozanne Descheemaeker: French horn


    Lot Vandekeybus: artwork
    Peter Bulkens: mix and mastering

    Label: Trad Records